The Warmest Season

In seven cinematic snapshots set over a span of more than twenty years, The Warmest Season shows Agnes grow from young girl to woman, negotiating a complex relationship with her reclusive, artist father, Gerald, and making choices that will determine the person she becomes.

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Every summer Agnes travels alone to spend a week with Gerald on the isolated island where he has cultivated a world of simple beauty, dreamy timelessness, and uncertain emotional boundaries. Cut off from the flow of history and progress, compressed into just a few days of every year, always lit by the long hours of summer sunlight, Agnes’s relationship with her father is powerfully concentrated. Her visits are infused with wonder, fear, ephemeracy, and immutability.

As a child, Agnes is happily intoxicated by the combined intensity of Gerald and his island world. But as she grows up, their effects are more mixed and troubling—increasingly she is forced to choose between her father’s fantasy and her own reality. Ultimately, Agnes must reckon with both love and loss as she recognizes and reconciles an idealized past, an imagined future, and the very real present.

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