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Space, Place & Site Specific Work

As I consider how to install TRP at Feast, I am thinking about the nature of space and place. I can equate space with the unrepresented world--everything in the world as it is and has been--and place as the narrativized world--a selection (or selection out) of specific elements of the world in order to describe the world. Meaningless and meaningful. The humanist geographer Yi-Fu Tuan writes that space requires the move from one place to another. I developed all of the elements of TRP for the Salon Refu space in order to transform it into a place. Now as I relocate it to a new space, as I consider how to transform that space into the place that is TRP, there is then a gesture--a motion--that describes/inscribes a new, larger space. Can that space also be a place? The space described by the gesture...can it be a place? And can that place be TRP?